Sunday, October 24, 2010

Whoops, I missed last Monday - sorry gang! Been super-busy with all the usual work stuff, plus organising our entertainment showcase for Meeting Mart tomorrow (and all the usual life stuff!).

Coolest thing I did on the weekend? A 30km fund raiser hike through the Dandenongs. Took hours but what a sense of accomplishment. We took a bit longer than we could have because one of the girls in our team did her knee in but was determined to finish it, so we decided we'd all stick it out together. An amazing day with some amazing people. It was such a great experience to be in a team of people whose attitude wasn't 'wow this hurts why was I so stupid as to do this?' but rather 'wow, what a challenge. I'm so grateful I am able to do this.'. Really good perspective on life!

If you haven't yet gone for a ramble through the Dandenongs, I'd strongly recommend it - just watch out for the hills!

Can't wait to hear about everyone else's weekend!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

So I had another application rejected this week – this time from a Melbourne Theatre venue, in regards to programming my work in their 2011 Season (my other life outside of MTA is as a choreographer).

This isn’t a moan session though, and I’ve had more successful applications in the last two years than I ever have.  Development funding, Presentation, Commissions for new work, travel grants, and nice little scholarship to start (and hopefully finish) my Masters degree.

But those big opportunities that get knocked back sometimes take a sting.  Especially 3 in a row.  So now I’m thinking:  Do I need a producer?  Is that completely arty and wanky of me?  Would I be scorned at social gatherings if I were to say “That sounds like a really interesting opportunity for me.  Speak to my producer”?

And perhaps there should be some compensation for putting the application together? (considering this recent application took close to 30 hours to draft up, write, reflect, refine and submit).  I’m unaware of many industry’s where the professionals are asked to donate almost a whole weeks work, on the chance that it might be successful, and even if it is, the artist isn’t reimbursed for the time spent in applying.

On antoher note – I love it.  I kind of get this giddy rush and my brain thinks too fast for my typing fingers when I’m putting together and application.  And that stranger in the foyer after opening night, who feels compelled to wait around, introduce him/herself and say “wow” kind of makes up for it.

Food for thought, and another successful rant from the brain of Gareth Hart, full time Artist, part time MTA Artist Liaison.

Have a grand weekend.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

10 out of 10

My top ten albums of all time – in no specific order – each deserving of a 10/10, explained in 10 words or less.

Michael Jackson – Thriller
Need I say more?

Kate Miller-Heidke – Little Eve
Electro Pop with operatic soprano deliciousness.  Cute, witty and satirical.

Fleetwood Mac – Rumours
Making me wish I lived in the 70’s. genius harmonies.

Madonna – Immaculate Collection
The 80’s are alive!  In all the best loved ways.

Bjork – Vespertine
Indescribably beautiful textures, vocal mastery and ethereal beauty

Goldfrapp – Felt Mountain
Produced to a dream, gutsy and powerful melodic structure

Antony and the Johnsons – I am a bird now
Tender and chilling, vocal idiosyncrasy of an angel.

Sufjan Stevens – Come on feel the Illinoise
Gentle, subtle and ultimately soothing, with harmonic bliss.

Tori Amos – Tales of a Librarian
Fem rock goddess of superb talent, a heart pumping ride

Phillip Glass – The Essential Phillip Glass
Minimalist composition of the densest beauty, instrumentally wild and exciting


It's just another manic Monday...

Good morning blogosphere, and welcome to Monday! I've claimed Mondays as my own so you'll be privy to my weekend antics, my plans for the week, and general Monday musings. I thought I'd kick things off with a review of the 5 coolest best most interesting  most gratifying most fun things I did over the weekend.

1. The Thousand Steps: I finally managed to walk the Thousand Steps (or 776 if the web forums are anything to go by). I'm doing a fund raiser walk in two weeks and the steps form part of the 30k (!) we have to do. I thought checking it out in advance might be a good idea! Keep an eye out for a post in two weeks where I complain about my inability to walk properly...

2. The Johnny Depp Tim Burton exhibition: After hearing rave reviews from countless people I thought I should finally check out the exhibition (are we noticing a theme here?). All I can say is that he is one twisted individual! Although there were several drawings I'd love to adopt for my walls...

3. My amazing Saturday night date: Who needs big wild nights and partying? I caught up with a friend, made delicious Indian food (pumpkin and coconut curry, green lentil and potato dahl and roti - all from scratch) and chilled out with DVDs and comfy couches. 

4. Picnic shenanigans: Picnic blankets, friends and loads of food. What more do you need? Perhaps a crazy outdoor aerial performance as part of the opening weekend of the Melbourne International Arts Festival? Well guess what? We had that too!

5. Having a video call to my parents (who are overseas) on Skype: isn't technology amazing?!

What did you get up to on the weekend?

Signing out til next Monday...