Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A day in the life of MTA's Artist Liaison

-         Remove jacket, place on back of chair, take a sip from of a half finished coffee (Today’s coffee features a bright orange advertisement for ING Direct – thanks coffee station at Flinders Street)
-         Start up computer, hear the hum of the hard drive, open up Google Chrome
-         Check emails.  Be surprised, or overwhelmed by the number of artists out there and their awesome calibre
-         Reply to pressing issues on email
-         Use my overly simply labelling system of “action”, “actioned” or “awaiting”
-         Smile gleefully at how pretty my inbox looks with hundreds of “actioned” labels (they are bright blue and it makes me happy)
-         Touch base with my great Manager, help out, create some quotes, put a few acts in a DVD for a client, talk about the fabulous new act that emailed me overnight and how amazed our loyal clients will be with them
-         Source some demo material from that new aerial circus performer who does that fresh act of pouring champagne hanging from the ceiling
-         Upload the act to
-         Repeat previous steps until satisfied that enough new acts are getting the exposure they deserve
-         At some point in the near future: Log out of email, turn off computer, go home and sleep soundly
-         Enter the office the following day, turn on computer, check out and smile with self pride at how sparkly the new acts look on the website
-         Begin to promote the new acts around the office and talk the talk to clients.
-         Be proud of what I aim to achieve for Australia’s talented performers

-         Remove jacket, place on back of chair, take a sip……

MTA Entertainment and Events Artist Liaison – Gareth Hart - is proud to promote, work with and himself be an Australian artist.