Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Facebook Album & Christmas festivities! Weeeee!

Hello friends!

Are you sitting at a boring office desk, wondering what the hell you're going to do until 5pm? Let me help you kill some precious time... Visit MTA's Facebook page where I've just uploaded some new photos of the top feature acts! Post some comments, click like if you approve! Just go nuts.

In other news, I'm feeling very festive today cos Shari gave me a gigantic santa hat to work in. Staff members will be playing Christmas dress up at 3:30. Should be interesting.


- Dora

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dora - the new volunteer, not the explorer

Hey everyone! I just started volunteering at MTA last week to get some experience working with artists. I’ve never really posted a blog entry before so this will be a first for me. I’ll be posting an entry every week to let you know how my experience is going! J

I’m 19 at the moment and I’ve been interested in working in the music industry my whole life. I’ve finally decided to pursue a career in event management and/or managing bands/artists so I think working here will be an awesome way to understand how things work. I recently got accepted into SAE to study a Bachelor of Audio Production and I’m very excited to start studying there in March.

I went to an awesome Tegan and Sara event last week at the Thornbury Theatre where they performed a somewhat intimate set followed by Q & A from the audience. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Tegan and Sara, they are a Canadian indie-pop band and they are fricken amazing. Youtube some of their videos and I guarantee you will fall in love! It’s really cool that some of these obscure bands are visiting Australia.

So, enough about my interests… Some things I’ve been doing here for MTA lately are basically to do with keeping the website up to date and editing the bios for all the artists, (making them somewhat less tedious to read for potential clients). My new project is to find some more friends for MTA’s Facebook page and to let our contacts know what’s going on at MTA through some quirky statuses and such. I feel that I will be a massive help in this area mainly due to the fact that being Facebook-savvy is one of my many talents. I have an unhealthily strong addiction to status updates. You’ll see when you visit the page…

Anway, I’m really enjoying working here so far, the staff are really cool and are a big help. Big thank-you to Mandy for giving me the opportunity. Also shout out to Gareth, Russ and Shari for helping me out and just being super-cool people in general.

MTA wooooo!

- Dora

Monday, December 13, 2010

The MTA premiere

Hey guys, this is my first post for my MTA Entertainment and Events experience blog. Actually, this is my first blog post ever, can you believe it?! Anyway, let’s get past the excitement. Every fortnight I will be writing a blog post to share my experience with you; to give you some insight of the MTA business lifestyle - from the work experience side. 

I’ll start by giving you a brief run down of myself. I’m 21, have recently moved from Adelaide to Melbourne, Australia and I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Business Event Management at APM. I’m a very analytical person, and have a interest in human and social behaviour, marketing, and of course, event management. 

If you don’t know what MTA is, it’s is an entertainment booking and event management business, that works with clients and performers all over Australia. They link the entertainment to the event as well as planning and managing entire events. They cover mainly corporate events and conferences as well as Christmas business parties. Here is their website: Music Theatre Australia

To get into the experience part of this blog now, I would like to start with my first impression of the place at which I’m working – namely the environment, the people and the work. The business is located at The VCA (University of Melbourne), housed in a bunch of big red old buildings south of the CBD. Although it’s located on St Kilda Road and is at a University, the place is quite quiet. The office is not very spacious but we're only messing with computers so this is fine for me.

The people create a great warm and welcoming environment that made me feel instantly comfortable. I love how the people have taken an authentic interest in me and my opinions. I could give a detailed brief on each person working in the office I'm working in, but there’s no need – they’re all friendly and very helpful, and have an interest in my learning within the business and industry. 

The project I'm currently working on is on the actual website. This is quite exciting! I feel I’m getting straight into working on helping the image of the business. What I'm doing is running though the database, getting the pictures for the top 90 acts of the business, resizing or just collecting the pictures of each artist, and creating a larger image for the viewer to see when they’re browsing the website.  

We also have shared project. The shared project for all of the work experience peps and co-workers is updating the social networking sites. I already have an obsessive interest in this -  not so must getting accounts on every single networking site, post and commenting on every BS thing that comes out - but the profiles, statues and linking that goes on with different sites. 
I will be working on different sites to help with MTA's social image. Working with the other guys, I know, will bring out some great ideas. 

That’s the rundown of the first fortnight of my work experience. I'm excited for what to come.

Thanks for reading


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Weedend Whimsy

Wow - MTA Entertainment and Events officially has 16 events this weekend.
And what a range of talent we are presenting!

Cover Band
Las Vegas feature show
Foot juggler
Tap show
Fire twirler
Jazz Band
African Drumming group

All in the short space of 3 days.  1 weekend. A world of vast experiences....

Just a quick note to wish all the talented artists great events!
God I love my job.

Cheers, Gareth