Monday, May 16, 2011

Rants and Raves of Slim Jim

G’day All

All of you out there who don't know who this 'Slim Jim' is, this is where the story begins.

I was born into this world around 22 years ago to a family full of eclectic, passionate people who walk all aspects of life from teaching to pig hunting all the way through to some of the more boring aspects of life such as doctors and lawyers;).

My life has been an experience…there is no other way to describe it. I've lived through many a trying time…losing the 1999 preliminary final to Carlton by a point (a heartbreaking moment for any Bomber fan)… having had a benign tumour that affected a great deal of my capacity for basic functions - thankfully I have fought through this to come out with a more open and accepting outlook on life…the royal wedding…

More recently, and on topic, I have started a Diploma in Events Management. It's opened my eyes to many things including just how large and diverse the event industry is, as well as the fact that the details in planning an event can be simply astronomical with events sometimes starting the planning process years in advance.
If you don't believe me, how far in advance are the Olympics and World Cup bids compared to the actual event? That isn't even the beginning. The committees have to decide on what venues to use as well as how it will be sustainable and secure, whether it is financially viable etc.

So to try and wrap my head around everything, I've organised a work placement through MTA to help learn anything and everything I can.

And so, as they say, we join our hero in his quest at the offices of MTA Entertainment and Events …

Today has been a blast so far. I met Shari for the first time and so far she has proven to be an excellent teacher and co-worker. Mandy has me coming up with ideas on how to subtly 'kidnap' peoples attention for an expo (My choice of words not hers :P). And the last of the Thursday bunch is Russ. Now for all of you who don't believe in coincidence…you’re wrong and I can prove it.

A couple of months back I attended an expo that MTA were also a part of -  I know the shock and horror of it…that's not the coincidence - where I met Gareth, another fellow who works here but who is not in today. Being a young and eager student I instantly quizzed Gareth on everything about the event industry and how he himself got into it, as well as what he planned to do in the near and medium future to progress himself. Gareth was kind enough to spend time with me and explain many things and I distinctly remember walking away feeling I was a bit better prepared for 'life' in events. Several weeks later, whilst attempting to organise a placement for myself I stumbled across the website for MTA and, jumping a few steps in the story, here I am. Now today, whilst helping Russ with taking some equipment to a venue, we got talking about many things in life, as you do, including our taste in footy clubs and who each of us has played for in the past. It turns out that I had actually seen Russ play several times over the last several years, as he was almost automatically put head to head against none other then my very own brother.

Enough about me now it's time for a quick rant…the weather…nothing else need be said.

And it's time to rave about this opportunity. I know how important it is to have experience that is both relevant as well as challenging. In MTA, Mandy, Shari and Russ so far I have found that. I get to be included in the planning process for an exhibition, have a say (even if it isn't necessarily correct), and most importantly I'm learning multiple aspects, not just concentrating on one area. It's fantastic and anyone who gets a similar opportunity to do so…JUMP ON BOARD.

Until next week.
Salutations from Slim Jim

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